Arlington library storytimes are a great way to beat the cold weather blues.  There are several to choose from based on age and language preference.

Tales or Tots
Tales for Tots is a drop-in program for kids two and under.  A librarian reads age appropriate books, sings nursery rhymes and songs, and illustrates books with a flannel board.  K and I have been to several Tales for Tots storytimes, and have had a great time.  A bit of a warning, some of the librarians are rather adamant that the children remain seated throughout the storytime.  For children under two, this can be REALLY hard.  While I understand the reasoning behind this desire (wandering children make other children want to wander), it is difficult if not impossible for a child of this age to sit still for the entire storytime.  When K gets restless, we just move to the back of the room.

Page Turners for Preschoolers

This storytime is the next level up-  ages two to five and accompanying adults.  According to the website, read-aloud techniques, songs, fingerplays, puppets, and flannel board tales will introduce children to listening skills, picture books, the library, and the joy of reading.  While we haven’t been to this specific storytime, I imagine that it is similar to Tales for Tots, just geared to an older audience.  Lots of singing and movement, as well as big picture books and flannel boards.

Stop in for Stories

This storytime program for children of all ages.  We really enjoy this storytime as well.  K loved watching the older kids, and it was a good experience for her to see their behavior, i.e. sitting still and active involvement.  The storytime is pretty similar to the Tales for Tots, with a mixture of older aged picture books.

Cuentos para niños / Stories for Children

A Spanish/English bilingual storytime for all ages, which uses a mixture of stories, songs, and crafts.

Check out the Arlington Public Library Preschool Storytime Site, as well as the Complete Schedule Jan-May 2010 for additional info.

What has been your experience with storytime in Arlington?