We visited what many locals affectionately call the “dirty Park”, Chestnut Hills, in N Arlington.  Yes, the sand was pretty dirty, but the playground and toys more than made up for it.  Anyways, kids are supposed to get dirty, aren’t they?

There are two separate areas for school-aged and toddlers.  Here’s the scoop…

Toddler Area: The toddler area is the dirtiest spot, as all the equipment is on top of the sand.  There are two slide structures, as well as 4 toddler swings (and two big kid swings), two play houses, TONS of dump trucks, excavators, diggers, front loaders, etc .  Can you tell that K has a truck book with the “official names” (I’m learning!)?  There are also play cars, big wheels, and other random toys.  K is usually a climber and slider, but she was WAY into the cars.

Toddler Slide Structure #1

Another View

Toddler Slide Structure #2


Vroom Vroom...

Play Houses

Older Kid Area: There is a great playground structure for the big kids.  K liked that area A LOT  There is a double bumpy slide, double straight slide, two 2-story twisty slides, a zip line, monkey bars, and two bridges- plus lots of ways to climb up onto the structure.  There are also 4 big kid swings, with a free standing structure to the right of the swings with a bouncy seat and climbing wall.

Big Kid Area

Slides Galore

Another Slide!


Overall a VERY fun playground with lots of space and things to play with.  It is fenced in, with lots of street parking close by.  There are restrooms, but they are a bit of a hike (down the hill by the high school track).  It is a little hard to tell about shade as the leaves are still coming in, but it appears that there are some shady areas and some full sun.  There are lots of benches for those without toddlers- will I really ever be able to sit?  We loved the park, and highly recommend it to others!
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