Grab your bikes, balls, and kids and head to Gravelly Point!  We visited Gravelly Point last week and had a really great time.  It is adjacent to Reagan National Airport, and the runways are just 400 yards away.

Wow, those planes are close!

The planes that are taking off and landing feel as though they are right on top of you.  Takeoffs are much louder than landings, but the landings are truly dramatic.  Because the planes are very loud, younger children may be a little scared.

A plane taking off from Reagan

Look Dad, a plane!

There is a walking and biking path, perfect for families on the go.  There is a lot of parking, but note that it can only be accessed from northbound George Washington Parkway.

Bike & walking path

Walking with iDad along the Potomac

K thoroughly enjoyed watching ducks, and chased them for a long time.  We had a great time walking along the bank of the Potomac, looking over the river at the  DC skyline.

K chasing ducks

DC skyline across the Potomac

We had a fantastic time, and will definitely go back later this spring and summer.  It is a great place to bring a picnic and a kite, and enjoy the summer weather.