Jammin Java has a great music concert series- Tot Rock.  They have fun local groups that perform every Monday – Friday at 10:30, as well as big name touring performers on most weekends.

On Mondays, The Great Zucchini performs, and we recently went to his show.  He’s one of the most popular children’s performers in the area, so chances are you have seen him, or at least heard of him.  He’s popular for good reason- the kids had SO much fun!  The show was part magic act, part “toddler” stand-up comedy.  We were there with 5 kids, ages 20 months- 3.  There were several other pre-school aged kids there as well, all under 5.  The children closer to 5 definitely got more of his jokes, but the younger kiddos still had a great time.

The Great Zucchini is just goofy enough to entertain the toddler set, but not so over the top that he drives the parents crazy.  He does a fantastic job involving all the kids, bringing many on stage to “assist” with his magic acts.  If you have not seen him already- head to Jammin Java on a Monday at 10:30 to check him out!

Forgive the quality of these pictures…forgot the camera, and the iPhone does not hold up in low light!