Take advantage of the warmish weather and amazing fall colors and take your kids to a park and snap away.  We took K to Triangle Park in DC to take pictures for the second year.  We loved the background of fall leaves and crisp blue skies last year, and were lucky enough to have similar weather this year.

When taking pictures outside, the hour after sunrise and the hour before sunset (roughly) are a great time to get amazing pictures.  Called the magic hour or golden hour, the sun is close to the horizon at those times and creates soft warm colors.  This light is softer than later in the day when the sun shines a brighter light, which washes out details in your photos.  Sunrise pictures are tough to think about with young kids, so sunset is usually the best time.

To read more about the Magic Hour, head to Suite101: The Golden Hours of Outdoor Photography: Shooting Pictures Before Sunset and After Sunrisehttp://www.suite101.com/content/the-golden-hours-of-outdoor-photography-a145709#ixzz15HVyBRcb