For those of you with aspiring dancers, as well as those with kids who love to dress-up and all things sparkly, this is a do not miss performance. We attended the BalletNOVA Nutcracker Storytime and Mini-performance at the Clarendon Barnes and Noble on the 13th. Every girl in attendance was enthralled by the costumed characters who took turns reading stories and then performed several of the Nutcracker dances.  If you missed it, you are in luck! On November 20th, they will be performing again at Tyson’s Corner Barnes and Noble.

K quickly lost interest in the storytime- definitely geared more towards the 3-4+ age level. We were in the back of the room, so she did not have a great view, and it takes a lot to keep a two-year-old’s interest.  The older children really seemed to enjoy it though.

For K, the best part of the event was the mini-performance, which started with Clara. Two of the dolls and a toy soldier also performed, as well as two Spanish dancers, a Chinese dancer, and the Sugar Plum Fairy. After the mini-performance, the dancers answered questions for the kids and took pictures with them. They were very good with the children, and bent down to their level to talk with them.

K enjoyed Clara’s dance the most. She was excited to get to meet her after the show, although she hid behind me and would not take a picture with her.

Check out the event this weekend at Tyson’s, and keep it in mind next year. They typically perform at three local Barnes and Nobles, so you will have plenty of chances to see them.

Is anyone planning to see The Nutcracker this holiday season?  Let me know if you are, and where you plan to go.

The dancers reading a Nutcracker book

K was more interested in browsing than storytime


The audience

The dolls

Watching the dancers

Meet and greet

Meeting the mice