Austin Johnson as Fritz, Emily Whitworth as Louise and Dalles Tolentino as the Nutcracker. Photo credit: Yulia Kriskovets

It is your last chance this weekend to see Synetic Theater’s The Nutcracker. Based on the book “The Nutcracker and Mouse King” by E.T.A. Hoffman, this version of The Nutcracker focuses on the behind the scenes story- how and why The Nutcracker came to be.  The show combines a mixture of masks, mime, and puppetry.

They recommend the show for ages 4 and up because there are a few dark scenes that may scare younger children.  There are two more performances this weekend- Saturday, January 15th at 11am and Sunday, January 16th at 11am.

DC Theater Scene writes that, “Synetic’s kinetic ‘Nutcracker’ is that rare bird of a live theatrical production that really is fun for the whole family, something that’s genuinely tough to pull off in this electronics-obsessed age.”

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