We won’t be getting the snow expected for the New England area, so this weekend should be a good time to get out and find a fun indoor activity!


Saturday, January 22nd

Free Kids Crafts

11am – 3pm @ Lakeshore Learning Store, Alexandria

Head to Lakeshore Learning store for craft time.  This week’s craft is “what’s the Weather- forecasting dial”.  Kids will make a weather forecasting dial to help them predict the weather.  703-719-0202.  Ages 3 and older.

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See, Hear, Sketch: Around the Winter Pond

3:00pm @ Long Branch Nature Center, Arlington

Learn where turtles, snakes and frogs go in winter.  Kids will hear a story about snakes and how reptiles and amphibians deal with winter in Arlington.  There will also be a craft.  For ages 5 – 8.  Must register before attending.



Game Night

7 – 9pm @ St. John’s Episcopal Church, Arlington

Bring a board game and/or kids game to play with other attendees.



Sunday, January 23rd

In My Backyard Planetarium Show

1:30 & 3pm @ David M. Brown Planetarium, Washington-Lee High School, Arlington

A program for young kids, ages 4-6.  The program first teaches about nature during the day as the season change.  Then the show moves to the night sky.  There will be singing, clapping, and poems, as kids get the chance to learn about planets, stars, constellations, and the moon.  Tickets are $3.00 for adults and $2.00 for children 12 and under.  Doors open 15 minutes before showtime and are closed and locked once the program begins.  Try to get there early!  Check out this post for more way to help save the planetarium.



Giant Octopus Feeding Time

3pm @ Invertebrate House, National Zoo, Washington, DC

Check out feeding time of the Giant Octopus.  They use their 8 arms to catch their prey, and their hard beaks to break open food.  A barbed tongue scrapes up their prey.



Flying Squirrels: Gliding in Tonight.

6pm @  Hidden Oaks Nature Center, Annandale

Come check out the flying squirrels at Hidden Oaks.  Learn how you can encourage them to visit you at you house.  For ages 3 and up.  Cost is $5.

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