The Summer Arlington County class catalog is now available online, and registration starts online at June 1st at 8am.  Non-residents can register beginning June 14.  Click here for more info.

We loved the tumbling class, Tumbling for Toddlers!  It is great exercise , as they are constantly moving, and K always took a good nap after the class! The kids go through different circuits for around 15 minutes each section.  There is a floor area with balance beams, shaped mats for climbing, and inclines for somersaults; a second area with a long trampoline, several types of bars, rings, and a rope swing; and the third contains an obstacle course and foam pit for jumping and sliding.  The 2-year-old class requires that the parent be on the floor with their child, and take part in the running and lifting.  In the 3-year-old (and older) class, the parents go to the observation area after warm-up.

We have also taken Abrakadoodle: Twoosy Doodlers at the Carver Center.  I was not as impressed with this class.  The tables and chairs are adult sized, so it made it difficult for the kids to do the projects.  The art projects were not that fun or inspiring.  K loves to paint so she enjoyed many of them, but they were typically done in 10-15 minutes.  The rest of the class was spent explaining what they would be doing, washing hands, and circle time at the end where they took turns “talking”about their project.  We could have done these projects at home for 1/4 of the cost.

We also took Kindermusik when K was around 1.  They are great classes with some movement, sign language, and lots of music.

I have heard great things about the Go Bananas dance classes.  I plan to register K for the Dance with the Animals or Creative movement classes in the fall.  According to the website, the focus on the classes is Exercise, Learning & Fun!  Each class gives kids the oppportunity to exercise from head to toe and get the large muscle activity that is so critical to their development. Any of the Go Bananas classes are fantastic- they go up to age 6.  They also has been offering many of these classes in Falls Church.

We are currently taking the Little Olympians class.  The kids get to try different sports each week- t-ball, soccer, basketball, hockey, etc.  It is a great way to introduce your young kids to a wide variety of sports!  Coach Alex is a great teacher- very patient and energetic!!

I have also heard good things about the Swimming classes.  Warning- these fill up really quickly!

If you plan to register, be sure to log-in early on the 1st- many of the popular classes are full within the first 10 minutes!